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Kylie Rose Jacobs

Sending Bags of Love and Running the Race to Fight Cancer You wouldn’t expect a 6-year-old child who is lying in a hospital bed fighting cancer to be thinking about anything more than missing her friends, losing her hair and her own health prognosis. But then you don’t know Kylie Jacobs, who has fought cancer […]

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William Steere

William Steere, Steere Enterprises Balancing business and Philanthropy for Three Generations In 1984, Bill Steere was named president and CEO of Steere Enterprises, a plastics manufacturing company his father founded in 1949. He is still involved in the business, but his current priorities are to mentor his sons, Brian and Brock Steere, to successfully transition […]

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Ilene Shapiro

Ilene Shapiro, Summit County Executive Putting A Work Ethic Into Action Ilene Shapiro leads her life with ambition and motivation few people have. When asked where she finds this drive, she says: “I was raised by a single mom. She had three jobs. I learned then that bad things can happen to good people. It’s […]

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